Making Waves
Local area paging and telemetry systems Contact us for all your on site paging needs News
Designed for use primarily in Retail establishments to alert staff to specific problems
Eliminates the need for bells/lights and other obtrusive signalling methods
Ensures the right member of staff is informed of a specific problem the moment it occurs
Ideal for covert alerting of security staff
DataTrack Keypad Features:
Instant Plug & Play checkout units can be desk or wall mounted
20 button wipe clean keypad with bespoke messages & corporate graphics
Small footprint: 130(W) x 220(L) x 90(H) mm
UHF radio will easily cover large, multi-floor stores without the need for repeaters
System Controller Features:
In built modem allows remote re-programming and diagnostics of all system parameters
Self monitoring of mains power, battery backup, transmitter health and signal jamming
Optional telephone interface allows all pagers on the system to be called from any internal telephone
Full maintenance contracts, including on-line diagnostics and re-programming service, available to suit.
Large Retail Outlets