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Just push the button. New Scope Wave-Track units for low cost flexibility

So simple yet very practical for many applications. Wave-Track is available as either a single button panic transmitter or four button keypad. They are designed to transmit to all current Scope pagers and receivers making for versatile system design and integration.

Four-Button Flexibility
The Four button Wave-Track is ideal for use in cafe's, small restaurants and inns as a Waiter Call system. Each button directly calling a different waiter. The keypad is membrane with a wipe clean surface which can be written on with marker pen if required to identify the buttons.
There are two versions available; one powered by a PP3 battery and the other powered by a plug-top PSU. Both versions are supplied with a clip-in wall mount bracket.

Wave Track 4 datasheet (PDF)

Panic Button
Designed for wall or under-desk mounting, the panic transmitter sends a repeating signal when activated until it is reset with a key. The button flashes periodically to indicate that is is in its triggered state.

Multiple units can be used on a site, each sending its own unique identifier to the receiving devices, which could be pagers, fixed receivers or a combination of both.
Power is provided by an internal PP3 battery.

PB1B Panic Button datasheet (PDF)

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